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I read a statistic that the average person spends nearly 60% of their working life in the office… that’s a full third of our life! If we’re spending that much time at work, we may as well enjoy it.

That’s what this little corner of the internet is all about. We publish upbeat and insightful pieces with business tips that run the gamut from business etiquette to creative marketing ideas, personal branding, improving professional presence, and communication tips.

To quote my high school vice principal, it’s all “good stuff.” We hope that you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them…

Thank you for stopping in!

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Help Wanted: A Few Words on Hiring

Hiring. The bane of existence for many a small business owner. For those of us without the luxury of an HR Department- but who are, in fact, the HR Department- the business of finding the right people is not only tiresome, but also time consuming. Hours...

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And I Quote…

There’s nothing quite as useful as having another person’s witticism on hand when the process of procuring
one of our own has failed us. Oscar Wilde is genius…

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Stop. Hammer Time!

Anyone born before 1980 or so will surely remember the flamboyant early 90s rapper (and his fashion-forward pants!) M.C. Hammer. With a bevy of…

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