The simple definition of the word commodity is something that is bought and sold. For typical engineering firms, that’s a good enough standard to describe their work.

Not Jade Stone..

We go the extra mile to make sure that working with Jade Stone is a great experience that clients will want to repeat- never simply a transaction

During our forty plus years of combined industry experience, we’ve seen some truly regrettable customer service in the field. We believed that clients deserved better and Jade Stone was started in part to address that issue.

We are a company that offers skilled design and consulting services at a fair price, and with an almost obsessive level of customer service. We always verify existing site conditions prior to starting design, we approach each project with a positive attitude, and we strive to build and maintain collaborative relationships with architects, contractors, and other members of the design team.

We’re on the ball with deadlines, and promptly return emails and phone calls. We even make house calls! We’re not shy about rolling up our sleeves and helping to solve any issues that come up during (and even after) construction.

We are professional, we are hands-on, we are solution oriented. We are Jade Stone.

Experience the difference.

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